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Altaf Fatima Urdu Novelist

Altaf Fatima (born 1929 in Lucknow, India) is an Urdu novelist. Her novel Dastak Na Do (Do not knock) has enjoyed a lot of success and is widely regarded as one of the defining works in the Urdu language. An adaptation was presented on Pakistan television and an abridged translation was serialised by the prestigious Karachi monthly, Herald.

Life and career

Early life

Altaf Fatima was the second of four children born in a muslim household in Lucknow, India, to Fazle Mohammad Amin and his wife Jahan Mumtaz.

Later life

She is currently resident in Lahore, Pakistan. She now lives a retired life and has discontinued her literary works.

Additional information

Altaf Fatima's novel Dastak Na Do has been translated into English by Rukhsana Ahmed.


  • Nishaan-i-Mehfil
  • Dastak Naa Do (do not knock)
  • Chulta Musafir
  • Khwabger
Collection of Short Stories
  • Woh Jisay Chaha Gaya
  • Jub Diwaaren Girya Kurti Hain
  • Taar-i-Unkaboot
  • To Kill A Mocking Bird into Urdu
  • Barrey Aadmi, Aur Unke Nazariyat, a collection of political essays
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