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The List Of All Books Of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan In Urdu, English Hindi & Other Languages

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, born in 1925 at Azamgarh in India, is an Islamic spiritual scholar who is well versed in both classical Islamic learning and modern science. The mission of his life from a very early stage has been the establishment of world-wide peace, to which end he has devoted much time and effort to the development of a complete ideology of peace and non-violence based on the teachings of the Quran. In the course of his research, the Maulana came to the conclusion that the need of the hour was to present Islamic teachings in the style and language of the present day. Keeping this ideal consistently before him, he has written over 200 books on Islam. In 1983, he wrote a commentary on the Quran, which was published in Arabic as al-Tadhkir al-Qawim fi Tafsir al-Quran al-Hakim and in Urdu and Hindi as Tadhkir al-Quran. The present volume contains a selection of explanatory notes from his original commentary. His most recent publications are The Ideology of Peace, God Arises, and Muhammad, the Prophet for All Humanity. To cater to inquisitive minds and the needs of the spiritually inclined, the Maulana established at New Delhi in 2001 the Centre for Peace and Spirituality.

The Prophet of Peace: Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad
What is Islam (Maplitho paper)

Does the World of the Hereafter Exist?

What is Islam (Art paper)

The Quran (Gift Edition) Tr. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan (Net)

The Quran Translation and Commentary Parallel Arabic Text
Call of the Qur’an
The Quran (Gift Edition) Tr. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan (Net)
El Hombre que el Islam Construye (Spanish)
Satya ki khoj (Hindi)

Aakhirat ka Safar (Urdu)
Maqsad-e-Hayat (Urdu)
Quran for All Humanity
Quran: An Abiding Wonder
Treasury of the Quran
Muhammad: A Prophet for All Humanity
The Quran Translation and Commentary Parallel Arabic Text
Islamic Treasury of Virtues

Prophet Muhammad: A Simple Guide to His Life
Words of the Prophet Muhammad
In Search of God
Introducing Islam
Islam and Peace
Islam As It I
Islam Rediscovered
Islam: Creator of the Modern Age
Islam: The Voice of Human Nature
Moral Vision
Principles of Islam
Simple Wisdom
Tabligh Movement
True Jihad
God Arises (Color Picture)
Religion and Scienc

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