Thursday, October 25, 2012

Koi Lamha Khaab Nahi Hota; a Fabulous Story by Umaira Ahmad

KOI LAMHA KHAB NAHI HOTA by Umaira Ahmad is a fantastic Urdu story. It is a story of a girl whose mother died in her childhood and a boy who lost her mother in his childhood. But both of them lived in a different way.

The story reveals that one gets what is written in his/her fate no matter how much people tries to stop that.

Momina (Momi) is a girl whose mother died in her childhood, she spent some years with her grandmother and after her death she returns to her home. Her father gets remarries a woman. Her step mom does not like her and she lives in her father’s home like a strange and his father also could not help her.
She is proposed by a good family and consequently she is engaged with an engineer, but her step mom makes some conspiracy and gets her own daughter married there and sent her to her uncle’s home to spend some time there.

In her uncle’s home Waleed, whose mother was divorced by his father and his step mother is very good with him, falls in love with her. He proposes her but her cousin Farri makes conspiracy and makes her own sister Sameen engaged with Waleed. She again goes back to her home.

Later Waleed knows about all what happened and the story goes to a happy end.

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