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Who was Syed Qutb

Who was Syed Qutb? 
(سيد قطب; October 9, 1906 – August 29, 1966)

A hero, who has influenced the minds, thoughts and ideologies of the major Muslim fighters - in the path of Allah - around the world against the oppressive regimes. The hero we're going to talk about, if you were to ask them - they would say they have been inspired and influenced directly by this man and his works. For example, if you were to ask Shaheed Abdullah Azzam, he would say that he was firstly inspired by the Shaheed Syed Qutb (may Allah have mercy on him.) And that's why it's important that we understand his life, his works, and the effects he had on society, and how these thoughts and works permeated society.

His Family
He was born in a town in Egypt called Musha (in the city of Qaha [Co-ordinates:27°07′N 31°14′E]), and there is a difference of opinion on whether he was of Indian origin, or Egyptian origin. But his immediate family was rich due to a large inheritance they had received from their grandfather, but naturally - their inheritance was decreasing as they lived their life. 

His father was a highly respected figure in the community, and was a central and political figure to settle their disputes. He was also a practising man, so their family was practising Islam. His father would always take him to the masjid and pray 5 times in the Masjid. His father had also performed hajj, which was really difficult at that time.

Syed Qutb says that his father had implanted 'true fear of the last day'. This is shown through reading his explanations of these verses [of Judgment Day] in his tafsirFi Dhilal al Qur'an [Under the Shade of the Qur'an.] 

His mother was also a highly respected and pious woman, she would generously give to the poor and the workers in their fields. His mother would always listen to the Qur'an on the radio while looking at the workers in the field. His mother was firm in her decision that her son be a man, and not like other children. 

His uncles were Azhari scholars, and Syed Qutb’s family would sit amongst them to hear them.

He had - excluding himself - 3 sisters and 1 brother. The oldest sister was called Nafeesah. In the future of Syed Qutb, she would be tortured, as well as her 2 sons; Rif'at and 'Azma.

Rif'at was the nephew of Syed Qutb, he was killed infront of Syed Qutb's eyes in the future. 'Azma was tortured and beaten almost to the point of death. 

'Aminah the next sister of Syed Qutb was engaged to one of the Ikhwaan [A revolutionary group – started by Hasan al Banna - which Syed Qutb would be involved in, in the future] brothers while he was in prison. The brother said to 'Aminah that he would separate from her because he would spend so long in jail. She said no, and waited for him. They finally got married when she was 50 years old. In the end, her husband was killed by Anwar al Sadat the tyrant.

The 3rd person is his brother Muhammad Qutb, he is still alive today in Saudi Arabia, and he was imprisoned along with Syed Qutb, and almost tortured till death.

Syed’s 4th sister Hamidah, her responsibility was to lookafter the families and women of the Ikhwan, while their brothers were put inside the prison by the Egyptian Government. She was the link between Syed Qutb and the rest of the Ikhwan - while he was in prison. In 1965 she was imprisoned with her brother and given 10 years of hard labour.

So we realise the family of Syed Qutb was Islamic. How many of us would be able to take what the family of Syed Qutb went through?


When you read the books of Syed Qutb, you imagine him to be a revolutionary man who was very large and aggressive. 

One man when he visited Syed Qutb, said "I can imagine Syed Qutb to look like a thousand other people, except you.”

Syed Qutb was of brown complexion, medium height, of a slim build, due to the illness that overtook him in his young age, and later on in prison. Upon meeting him, he was calm, collected and tranquil.

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